Pistachio trees originally come from Middle East especially Persia, where suitable land and climate are available. Pistachio is known as green gold among Persian people.

Pistachio has a lot of nutrients. Consumption of pistachio has a significant effect due to its omega 3, omega 6 fat, fiber and sufficient protein.

Pistachio contain a variety of substances including iron, protein and

fatty substances, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, B3, B1and potassium.

Although pistachio is a small fruit, it has a very high nutritional value and is very invigorating.

Pistachio is used in various industries, including confectionery and food industries. M.Tabatabai Trdg is an exporting company, which export pistachio with high responsibility for customers demand.

Round Pistachio

Long Pistachio

Jumbo Pistachio

Pistachio Kernel