Iranian Dried Fruits are known as a very famous nutrition in the world since centuries ago , and have covered Global market with its marvelous taste of nuts .

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Pistachio is a fruit which was grown in Persia as fruit of Persia. Pistachio is one of  nutritional nuts that is rich in fiber, protein, healthy fats and antioxidants. It is used as roosted also its kernel used as an ingredient of pastry, sweets, …


Raisins is dried grape and cultivated in north west, west, north east, east of Iran which is rich in iron, potassium, calcium, and B vitamins group and with their  antioxidant. It has many uses such as in cereal, bakery and snacks..


Dates is energetic fruit of the Date tree that due to the nutrients and minerals is a very useful fruit. The other one of revenue of Dates is less effects of sugar for diabetics. It is an gradients of different food products such as cereal, bakeries etc.


Saffron (caucus sativus) expensive, aromatic and coloring spice in food industries, pharmaceutical and kitchen. Now a days some pharmaceutical companies use saffron to produce medicines for depression and cancer.

Seeds (Cumin and Coriander)

Cumin is a fragrant and anti flatulence seed. Cumin is found in cultivation and self growing. Cumin is rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, fiber, antioxidants and vitamin A.


Figs is a summer fruit is processed to dried Fig and semi dried, It is also used in confectionary, ingredients of food etc. Exploitation the abundant properties of figs are more through dry consumption.

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50 Years Experience

M.Tabatabai Trdg with more than 50 years of successful experience in exporting nuts is the most reputable and successful company in this field. Our company is now a pioneer in exporting the highest quality nuts with useful and continuously experience.

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Reasonable price with excellent quality is one of the points of interest in trade and we can announce with confident that the price and quality of our export products are unrivaled in international markets.

Certified Experience

We have learned in 50 years of experience that providing products with constantly support attracts buyer`s satisfaction and excellent support is one of the things they can always ask for.

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